What To Test With Growth Driven Design

Since you’re reading this post, it’s probably safe assume that you’re already past the first phase of Growth-Driven Design — meaning you’ve got your strategy set and your launch pad website ready or you’re working off your already-built website.

Now, regardless of whether you’ll be using Hotjar, FullStory, Optimizely, your marketing automation tool or a mix of all of them to collect data and A/B test, the next step is deciding what to proceed with.

There are a number of options for you — and there’s no wrong answer or incorrect move forward, but here are some examples to guide your decision:

Test 1: Messaging

This is crucial for your homepage — especially that big headline that welcomes visitors to your site and drives to your CTA. Try a direct approach, a cutesy approach, a keyword-heavy approach and whatever else you can think of.

Test 2: CTA Placement

Your “contact us” call-to-action could be better suited on the top right corner, floating down the bottom or placed in the header image.

Don’t forget to test shapes, sizes and, again, the messaging — “contact us,” “get in touch” and “yes, I want to know more” are all options.

Test 3: Colors and Fonts

There are so many studies floating around that say orange or green CTAs convert at a higher rate than others, and designers typically argue over serifs and size — so try a few different iterations.

Test 4: Everything

If you haven’t picked up on it — you really need to test everything. A/B test your A/B tests. Over and over again. This could even be applied to your broader marketing: social media, email marketing and so much more.

The key takeaway here: The more you test and optimize, the better your conversions.