Will You Enjoy Your Retirement?

The real reason why so few people get rich (or even enjoy at their retirement)

One of the biggest misunderstandings that exists in the world of investing (including your 401(k) or your decision to shift to physical gold) is that most people are too hesitant to take advantage of red hot prospects – and instead try to jump onto a moving train.

And though hopping from one train to another can get you to your final destination, spotting the “runaway success” early and sticking on that single track can get you to door destination much more quickly, much more efficiently, and with far less risk.

Yes, heavy gold ira investing has already begun to steamroll down the tracks, so to speak, but there is still time to jump onto this train and create the financial future that you have been dreaming of. We’re talking about a precious metal that has been valuable for thousands and thousands of years, a metal that will have a value for thousands and thousands more – and a commodity that is finite in number and will eventually enjoy astronomical values.

How to know if it’s time to shift your 401(k) into physical gold

The number one thing you are going to hear from “anti-gold” proponents is that it’s a far riskier proposition and in the stock market – and therefore, you should leave your 401(k) exactly where it is, and ignore doing anything with it whatsoever.

Literally nothing could be further from the truth.

All you have to do is look at the stock market and the loss of value that your 401(k) has dealt with in the last five years or so to understand that the stock market is as risky and investing proposition as there is in our modern world. There are literally millions and millions of people that have “lost their shirts” (as well as all of their security income in the form of their 401(k)) simply because they thought that the stock market was “too good to fail”.

The recession that we have been trying to dig ourselves out of in the last few years has only served to make people more and more nervous about investing in general. And that’s why you need to make sure that you are transferring your 401(k) (a risky investment vehicle) to a more reliable, safe, and secure investment – physical gold.

The best way to know if it’s time to convert your 401k into gold is if you have gotten absolutely sick and tired of watching as the value of your retirement plan declines and dwindles to next to nothing. Sure, there are some professionals out there that say that the stock market is just going to explode in value again – but they have been saying that for almost 8 years now. When are we going to actually get the chance to see this amazing transformation?

There is no reason whatsoever to continue to buy into these big promises, especially since they are coming from people that have a lot more to benefit from you sticking around in the stock market has been jumping into the world of gold. After all, many of these people are counting on the stock market bouncing back – and they need you to buy stocks (as opposed to selling them) if their “promises” are going to come true any time soon.

Moving through the process to roll your 401(k) into physical gold

Though the general process for transferring your 401(k) into physical gold is nowhere near as difficult as most people assume (or some “professionals” make it out to be), you’re definitely going to want to invest in the professional services of a financial expert to assist you every single step of the way.

The first step in doing this transfer is finding a professional that you can rely on, a professional that you trust. The Internet is going to be your very best friend in this search – and not just in the actual process to locate other professional in the first place. You’re going to want to use the web to research at this professional, better understand the results that they have an able to provide their clients in the past, and verify the “big claims” that they are making for you right now.

Once you have decided on the professional that you’re going to use moving forward, it’s time to decide on exactly how much of your 401(k) you want to roll over. Understand that even if you decide to rollover your 401k to a gold ira, your employer is legally required to withhold 20% of the funds to verify that the taxes owed on the account will be paid.

You then have to understand that you have a 60 day limit to get that 401(k) money into a new retirement account, or you’re going to have to contend with paying a 10% penalty on those funds.

Obviously, it’s essential that you have already lined up your gold purchase ahead of time, and you’ll want to advise your financial professional on which gold services you want to move forward with, how much gold you want to purchase, and how you want to invest that gold in the first place.

If you want to open your own retirement account, you’re going to need to investigate the different options provided to you. Most people will decide to proceed with Roth IRA while investing in gold, but there may be other opportunities that you can take advantage of as well.

Remember that this is one of the more important decisions you’re going to have to make about your financial future – and you may not see the “dividends” for 10, 15, or even 20 years or more. You are just now laying down the foundation for success, and it’s vital that you do absolutely everything you can to succeed moving forward.